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Women's Leadership Committee

Empowering women in agriculture.

encouraging women to take an active part in all areas of agricultural endeavor.


The committee initiates and supports programs to stimulate interest and affords women the opportunities to become active participants in helping to tell the farm story.

Young Farmers of America 

Encouraging the next generation of farmers. 

Encouraging the next generation of farmers to develop leadership skills and to expand their interest in agriculture.

Young farmers can share enthusiasm and experiences with others to work toward a stronger farming future for themselves and generations to follow.


Strengthening the producer-consumer relationship.

Farm City is celebrated the week of Thanksgiving in Alabama. 

The Federation hosts an invitational banquet honoring local farmers, FFA chapters, individuals deeply involved in the promotion of agriculture, and winners of the annual contests. 

Farm Days, Career Days and more...

Educating our youth about agriculture & its vast industry.

The Federation is committed to educating students and adults about agriculture and its many facets. 

The Federation participates in Career Days, Farm Days, Classroom Presentations, local events and more. Contact us to see how we can fit into your program. 

other programs

Farm Days, Career Days and more...

The Federation is committed to educating students, teachers, and adults with any available opportunity. Farm Days, Career Days, Classroom Presentations, and other presentations are available upon request. Contact our office to schedule something or find out more information. 

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