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Farm City


The Jefferson County Farm-City Celebration is typically held each year in the month of November. Farm City is a celebration of farmers and agriculture within the state of Alabama. The main goal of Farm-City is to deepen understanding of the relationship between rural farmers and urban consumers. Winners of the Farm City Poster, Essay, and Media Contest, and a person or business of the year, sponsored by the Farmer's Federation, are recognized at the event.

The Farm City Poster contest is open for grades k-3rd and 4-6th. Students can enter origional artwork of their interpretation of the theme. Many art teachers and schools incorporate the poster into their cirriculum for partcipation. The contest is open to any school in Jefferson County. 

The Farm City Essay contest is open for grades 6-9th. Students can enter their origional essay about the theme. The contest is open to schools within Jefferson County. 

The Farm City Multimedia contest is open for grades 9-12th. Students can enter their video with their interpretation of theme. The video must be posted on YouTube with the link provided to the committee. The contest is open for schools located in Jefferson County. 

For more information about these contests, contact Holly by email,

2021 Farm City Winners

The theme for 2022 is "Sustaining for the Future." 

for our FALL
Farm City Art Contests!

Email for more information.

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