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Since 1921

The Jefferson County Farmers Federation (JCFF) is an affiliate of the Alabama Farmers Federation (ALFA) and the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF). The county federations are the grass roots of ALFA and of AFBF.

The future of agriculture depends on the continued  education of the public.

The Jefferson County Farmers Federation participates in a nationally supported effort to call attention to the agricultural communities as it affects consumers from the sponsorship of the American Farm Bureau. Through programs like The Farm-City Celebration, the goal is to promote and celebrate farmers and agriculture within the state of Alabama. 

The Federation awards scholarships to students from Jefferson County who enter agricultural fields of study and help support the future of agriculture within our state. Assistance is also provided through grants to other groups and projects that work to promote and improve agriculture such as: Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapters, Alabama 4H groups, and other groups or clubs within the county.


The Federation also sponsors The Young Farmers Program and Women's Leadership Committee. These programs are designed to develop future leaders, as well as, encourage members to take an active part in the community and consumer education activities. 

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