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Farm Days are the Best Days

April 2018


By: Holly Lynne Killian

Farmers Federation Board Members from all corners of the county showcased their animals for Adamsville students for a special “Farm Day Event.” Elementary students of all ages walked through outdoor stations, each featuring a different farm animal for a touch and learn experience. For 1st grade teacher, Ms. Gooch the opportunity was perfect for her students. She stated, “We have many hands-on programs in the classroom, but this really helps make the real-life connections.”  

For many young students, this was the first time they had ever touched a cow or horse, and no doubt, a camel. “The students don’t always get this type of real-life exposure so it is really great to watch them experience it now,” Ms. Gooch went on to say.

Board Member, Mike Jenkins’ chicken station was one popular stop where students made the connection from chicken to egg and back again. Mr. Jenkins also had several different varieties of chickens, showing that not all eggs laid are white. Another station featured Board Member Wally Kornegay’s goats and 9-month old camel, Hank. Students were able to pet Hank and the goats, including two baby goats.

Many students wondered what goats were used for on the farm. Mr. Kornegay, with the help of Board Member, Rhonda Hughes, explained some of the reasons, including collecting their milk for several different purposes,as well as, using them to clear out overgrown areas of land. This part of the experience resonated with 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Evans the most. “This really helps reinforce what we learn in the classroom.” she noted. Petting the goats with her students, Mrs. Evans continued, “Having this hands on experience, helps us learn about the animals and how to properly take care of them with the roles they play on the farm.

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