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Ag in the Classroom in Florence

By Shirley Bodiford

Jefferson County sponsors and promotes the Ag In The Classroom each year. The registration ends on April 15 each year. This is such a worthwhile program for our teachers, those who have attended can attest. It is an educational program that promotes agricultural literacy for students in all grade levels, K-12. Teachers who attend immerse themselves with educational resources, activities, programs, and farm tours.

Ag in the Classroom (AITC) was incorporated as a non -profit foundation for the purpose of making students aware of the importance of agriculture in their daily lives. All the AITC materials are designed by curriculum specialists and are ready for teacher use with little or no extra preparations; not to mention they are included with your attendance! Armed with new resources, teachers return to their classroom prepared to teach the importance of agriculture to their students.

If you are able to attend this very worthwhile conference, you will discover how invaluable the knowledge and materials are. You can sign up online after January each year. For more information, visit AITC online, or call our office.

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