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Ag Education in Jefferson County

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

by Shirley Bodiford

In addition to the Federation's goal of educating its teachers about Alabama agriculture, it also shares a goal in educating students first hand. With Career Days, Farm Days, and other public events, the Federation strives to expose all Jefferson County students to all aspects of agriculture with a hands on and interesting experience.

The goal is to demonstrate the importance of agriculture and where food comes from. Educational videos help to show the route our food takes from the farm to the consumer. In addition, local farmers from our board bring their own farm animals to share with students.

Farm Day at the Zoo is also a great opportunity for the public to meet and talk with their local farmers. The Federation holds a booth and brings small activities for those visiting the zoo.

The Federation spends a great deal of effort educating students; however there are events specifically designed to educate and outreach to adult residents too. The Taste of Alabama is a great opportunity for our farmers to discuss issues with our local legislators and representatives.

Want the Federation to visit your school or present to your class? Call our office today and request more information!

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