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A Legacy Like No Other

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

It is with deepest sorrow that the Jefferson County Farmers Federation Board announces the passing of our President, John W. Morris, on February 15, 2021.

John was an influential political leader, not only in Jefferson County, but at the state level as well. He was a respected voice among Farm PAC advisory trustees and was effective in ensuring the large Jefferson County legislative delegation understood the issues of concern to farmers and rural residents. As county Federation President and board member in Alabama’s largest metropolitan area, John Morris’ commitment to making sure the agricultural and rural voices were heard cannot be overstated. He was keenly aware of the importance of developing relationships with elected officials — particularly in an area where urban issues dominate conversation.

He was elected to the Alabama Farmers Federation State Board of Directors at the 1983 Annual Meeting as a district director. He served for eight years in that role. He remained on the board but in a new role as Central Region Vice President, following his election at the 1991 Annual Meeting. He served for eight years until the 1999 Annual Meeting.

John received the Alabama Farmers Federation’s Senior Leader Award in 2010. This award is reserved for individuals who are over 70 years old and have served as a county Farmers Federation President, State Women’s Leadership Committee chair or Federation State Board member.

Since being elected president of the Jefferson County Farmers Federation in 2015, John Morris has made agricultural education a priority for the county organization. He recognized the need to educate consumers and future generations about farming and forestry. He invested in Ag in the Classroom, community service projects, Alabama Farm-City and college scholarships for students studying agriculture, among many other worthy agricultural education programs.

He also served as Board Chairman of the Soil and Water Conservation and President of the Jefferson County Cattleman’s Association.

John’s love and passion was for farming that spanned over 50 years. He remained an active farmer until his passing.

“My farming journey started in high school, feeding dairy calves and helping raise broilers in our poultry house. We farmers love what we do. What a way of life and what a way to raise a family.”

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